Cisco for Oil and Gas

Cisco oil and gas solutions make upstream, midstream, and downstream operations safe, reliable, and efficient.

Between sustainable energy production today and energy that powers tomorrow, there's a bridge.

Cisco provides solutions that deliver flexibility for tomorrow, so energy companies can keep product flowing while keeping the environment and people safe today.

Solutions for oil and gas companies

Plant and field operations

Enable industrial automation by connecting equipment and control systems with secure networks.

Secure connected workforce

Connect crews, fleets, and digital assets to improve productivity and collaboration.

Industrial security and safety

Provide threat protection to protect property, assets, production integrity, and people.

Energy transition

Apply network, security, and data management technologies to incorporate renewable sources into energy delivery, reduce greenhouse gases, and meet net zero targets.

Discover Cisco's digital oil and gas landscape

Use this interactive tool to see how Cisco IoT solutions are helping to improve productivity, increase revenue, and decrease costs in the oil and gas industry.

We can help you…

Reduce risk

Through segmentation, visibility, and automation.

Improve efficiency

Monitoring assets and facilities using sensors.

Strengthen resiliency

By withstanding, recovering, and adapting to incidents.

Increase reliability

With greater accessibility and mobility.

Explore the Cisco oil and gas portfolio

Discover the use cases and architectures that are making a difference in the oil and gas industry.

Accelerate digital transformation in energy operations

Digital transformation will help us in many ways. It will accelerate our move into renewables, allow us to integrate with startups, optimize production and exploration, and change our workplace culture.

Abdullah Rashdi,Head of Digital Strategy and Integration,PDO

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Optimize preventative maintenance with Cisco IoT sensors

See how Cisco Industrial Asset Vision simplifies asset and facility monitoring and preventative maintenance and gives centralized visibility of your data.

Connect, automate, and operate anywhere

Join us to learn how Cisco's newest industrial wireless and IoT operation tools enable organizations to securely connect, automate, and operate anywhere at scale.