Data Center Network Assurance and Insights

Transform Day 2 operations and accelerate to hybrid cloud with streamlined data center network management.

Features and benefits

By automating and modernizing Day 2 operations, network operators can align better with the strategic objectives of their organizations and deliver ongoing benefits. With Cisco Data Center Network Assurance and Insights, you can:

Assure intent

Stay ahead of the curve with business initiatives, and verify the impact of changes before they are applied.

Help ensure reliability

Get notifications of potential network issues and resolve them before they impact the business.

Troubleshoot intelligently

When problems arise, identify the root cause and solve issues quickly with real-time telemetry data.

Cisco Network Assurance and Insights suite

Cisco Nexus Dashboard

Automate, monitor, and analyze your data center fabric in real time.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Orchestrator

Consistent network and policy orchestration across multiple data centers.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Data Broker

A simple, scalable monitoring solution for high-volume, business-critical traffic.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller

Get complete automation, extensive visibility, and consistent operations for your data center.

Binging on your favorite Networking videos just got easier

Stay up-to-date on the latest in networking, from the experts in networking.

See what customers are saying

We need the ability to see the big picture, and if something goes wrong, we need to know exactly where to look instead of poking around and hoping to get lucky.

John Banner, Network Architect, Cisco IT

Networking software subscriptions

Cisco Smart Licensing is a flexible and secure licensing model that provides an easier, faster, and more consistent way to purchase, activate, manage, renew, and upgrade software products across the Cisco portfolio and across your organization.

Networking Essentials

For single data centers. Includes both NX-OS or ACI management and operations capabilities.

Networking Advantage

For multiple data centers and/or clouds. Includes advanced capabilities on top of Networking Essentials.

Networking Premier

For multiple data centers and/or clouds. Get Networking Advantage plus Assurance and Insights Day 2 ops.

Improve results with our services

Accelerate your data center transformation with the right mix of automation, real-time analytics, and policy-based security, supported by strategic guidance and expert recommendations.

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