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Move your business forward, faster

Solving challenges is what we do best. Learn about Michalis Papamichail and the services that helped OTE Group improve its customer experience while reducing costs.

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Create opportunity with Business Critical Services

Drive resiliency while accelerating agility, innovation, and business growth with expert advisory services and analytics-driven insights.

Bolster resilience through rapid response

Use industry-leading practices to optimize your IT landscape and reduce risk. Resolve issues up to 45% faster, and cut unplanned outages by half.

Adapt and pivot with confidence

Increase agility with analytics-driven insights, telemetry, and AI/ML-powered automation. Improve productivity up to 74%, deliver an ROI of more than 250% over 3 years, and break even in four months.

Transform and grow. Fast.

Tap into the brightest minds to ignite new ideas and growth. Build a strategy, roadmap, and vision that, together, double the time your teams spend on innovation, increase the efficiency of your IT team by 33%, and lower the costs of your IT environment.

Source: IDC Research, Inc. 2021

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Cisco Business Critical Services

Use solutions to change how your business does IT

Make hybrid work your strategic advantage

Enhance your remote and onsite collaboration capabilities so that your teams can work anywhere and everywhere, seamlessly and securely. Automate and scale your network connectivity with analytics-driven insights that identify and mitigate performance risks.

Free up resources with automation

Optimize networking tasks, streamline business processes, and reduce costs with automation expertise.

Optimize with full-stack observability

Deliver exceptional digital experiences, innovate faster, and simplify operations. Work hand-in-hand with Cisco’s experts and digital intelligence to overcome complexity and plug skills gaps.

Stay ahead of security threats

Work with industry-leading security experts who can help you to simplify, strengthen, and secure your technology infrastructure with ongoing consulting, data-driven reviews, operational insights, and high-touch expert guidance.

Reimagine healthcare for the digital era

Evolve your healthcare IT strategy and unlock seamless, secure, and powerful experiences for patients and providers. Get more from your IT infrastructure with insights, analytics, and automation so that it can help you optimize and adapt to change.

Start your IT transformation now with the Business Critical Services introductory offer

Tackle your most pressing technology challenges with our introductory offer, which quickly gets your IT teams access to trusted experts, proprietary analytics, insights, and automation.