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Latest Episode: The Power of SASE and Hybrid Work in an Enterprise Agreement

Listen to the engaging discussion with subject matter experts covering secure access service edge (SASE) and hybrid work. We delve into the needs of the changing digital landscape and the value of operational efficiency in an enterprise agreement. 

Meet the Newest Catalyst 9000 Core Switch—60L4D

This podcast discusses the ever-increasing bandwidth, buffer, scale, and security demands caused by industry trends such as hybrid work, next-generation Wi-Fi technology, the increase in Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the network, and greater reliance on cloud services.

We will highlight how the newest offering in the Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series—the high-density 25G/50G C9500X-60L4D Switch with 400G uplinks—helps network operators meet present and future demands.

Previous episodes

Analytics and Automation: Driving SD-WAN Success at the Network Edge

Listen to this podcast episode to learn how Cisco SD-WAN solutions utilize network analytics and automation to help simplify tasks and decrease risks associated with digital infrastructure management.

Simplify Your Cisco SD-WAN Deployment with Multi-Region Fabric

While transitioning to multicloud environments, IT teams need to scale the design and architecture of their SD-WAN fabric to deploy global connectivity. Cisco SD-WAN Multi-Region Fabric provides a simple solution.

Automate a Global Cloud Network with Cisco SD-WAN and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Learn about automating a global network and extending SD-WAN fabric to AWS Cloud. Networking experts from Cisco and AWS discuss how to access workloads across the AWS global cloud network, establish connectivity between on-premises and cloud regions, and more.

Cloud-Managed Nexus Innovations and 400G Network Advancements

Cisco Nexus Cloud gives organizations a new way of deploying, managing, and operating their Cisco Nexus networks from the cloud. In this episode, learn about new innovations in Nexus Cloud and 400G network offerings.

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