Case Study: Town of Gilbert

Gilbert builds a smart community

The Town of Gilbert has become a popular destination for young, tech-savvy professionals in the era of remote and hybrid work. Cisco provides the secure infrastructure needed to be the "City of the future."



  • Adapt digital tools to serve rapid population growth
  • Connectivity to span 76 square miles of town geography
  • Meet expectations of young, tech-savvy residents
  • Enable seamless communication, regardless of location


  • Enhanced network availability and security
  • Uninterrupted services to 250,000+ residents
  • Flexible transition to hybrid work for 1600+ town employees
  • Gilbert voted "The Best City for Remote Workers" in 20201

What they're saying

We made sure that we designed scalable solutions, and that we had the technology in place that we could easily ramp up and meet the need of the larger organization as we shifted to a secure, hybrid workforce.

Dr. Tony Bryson, Chief Information and Security Officer, Town of Gilbert

Who is the Town of Gilbert?

Industry: Government
Location: Gilbert, Arizona
Size: 1600+ employees


1. Based on a national survey