Product Warranties

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All Cisco warranties apply to the end customer or original owner (the individual who purchased the product for their own use), also referred to as the end user, and are not transferable. Cisco warranties are subject to and provided only on the terms and conditions as set out in the warranty version published on this site, or for pre-2018 warranty versions as delivered in the companion Cisco Information Packet | En français.

Warranty finder and frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Warranty Finder tool determines the Cisco warranty currently applicable to a product ID or product family. Follow the link and type in your Cisco Product ID (PID).

Warranty Finder (This tool in English only)

Cisco RMA Policy for Warranty and Hardware Support Contract Returns | En français

FAQ | En français

Expedited delivery on certain warranties

Software terms

All Cisco software is subject to our End User License Agreement (EULA), supplemental EULA terms, and The Transfer and Relicensing Policy.

Warranty and service non-entitlement policy

Certain activities and conditions may void your Cisco warranty or service product.

Cisco Non-Entitlement PolicyEn français

Cisco warranty versions

Standard warranty terms

Cisco 90-Day Limited Hardware Warranty
WARR-90-DAY-LTD-HW | En français

Cisco 90-Day Limited Software Warranty
WARR-90-DAY-SW-TS | En français

Term Warranties

Cisco 1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
WARR-1YR-LTD-HW | En français

Cisco 1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
WARR-1YR-LTD-RTF | En français

Cisco 1-Year Ltd. Hardware Warranty, 20 Day RTF
WARR-1YR-RTF-20 | En français

Cisco 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
WARR-2YR-LTD-HW | En français

Cisco 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
WARR-3YR-LTD-HW | En français

Cisco 5-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
WARR-5YR-LTD-HW | En français

Cisco Ltd. Lifetime Hardware Warranty
WARR-LTD-LIFE-HW | En français

Cisco Enhanced Ltd. Lifetime Warranty
WARR-ELTD-LIFE-HW | En français

Cisco Converged Wireless

Cisco/Meraki Limited 1-Year Hardware Warranty
WARR-CW-1YR-LTD | En français

Cisco/Meraki Limited LIFE Hardware Warranty
WARR-CW-LIFE-LTD | En français

Viptela / Meraki

WARR-3YR-HW-NBD | En français

Cisco Small Business

Cisco SB Product 1-Year Ltd. Hardware Warranty
WARR-1YR-RTF-HW | En français

Cisco SB Product 2-Year Ltd. Hardware Warranty
WARR-2YR-RTF-HW | En français

Cisco SB Product 3-Year Ltd. Hardware Warranty
WARR-3YR-RTF-HW | En français

Cisco SB Product 5-Year Ltd. Hardware Warranty
WARR-5YR-RTF-HW | En français

Cisco SB Pro Product 5-Year Ltd. Hardware Warranty
WARR-5YR-HW-SBPRO | En français

Cisco SB Product Ltd. Lifetime Hardware Warranty
WARR-LIFE-RTF-HW | En français

Cisco SB Product Enhanced Ltd. Lifetime Warranty
WARR-LIFE-NBD-HW | En français

Optical products

Cisco Lmtd 5YR Optical products Warranty
WARR-5YRHW-OPTICAL | En français

Cisco 1-Year Hardware 1YR SW Warranty
WARR-1YR-HW-1YR-SW | En français

Cisco 3-Year Hardware 1YR SW Warranty
WARR-3YR-HW-1YR-SW | En français

Cisco (Fluidmesh)

Cisco (Fluidmesh) Ltd Warranty
WARR-2YR-RTF-FMHW | En français


Cisco Limited 5 YR Return to Factory Warranty
WARR-5YR-HW-RTF | En français

Cisco Unified Computing

Cisco 3-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
WARR-3YR-HW-90D-SW | En français

Inactive warranties (no longer issued)

Cisco SP Video, Access, and Transport (formerly Scientific Atlanta)

Cisco Limited 1 Year RFR (Return for Repair) Hardware Warranty
WARR-1YR-RFR-HW | En français

Cisco Limited 3 Year RFR (Return for Repair) Hardware Warranty
WARR-3YR-RFR-HW | En français

Cisco Limited 5 Year RFR (Return for Repair) Hardware Warranty

WARR-5YR-RFR-HW | En français

Optical products

Cisco Limited 5-Year Hardware and 5-Year Software Warranty Terms
WARR-5YR-HW-5YR-SW | En français

Cisco 5-Year Hardware 1YR SW Warranty
WARR-5YR-HW-1YR-SW | En français