Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy,Size, Fees

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy,Size, Fees

Do you want to travel with extra heavy Baggage? If yes then you can fly with Frontier Airlines because it allows personal items, carry-on baggage and checked baggage. Here are Frontier Airlines Baggage fee charge details within the united states. The actual baggage fee of your frontier airlines reservations depends on your fare class, frequent flier status, and the specific route is flown and many more. Passengers can calculate their baggage fees with frontier airlines’ websites and also pay. Here are the baggage fee charge list

Pre-booked carry-on:      Fee: $30 to $45, Weight: 35lbs, Size: 10″x16″x24″.

Gate checked carry-on:  Fee: $60 only, Weight: 35lbs, Size: 10″x16″x24″.

First checked bag: Fee:  Fee: $30 to $50, Weight: 50lbs, Size: 62″.

Second checked bag:     Fee: $45 to$55, Weight: 50lbs, Size:62″.

Third(+)checked bag:      Fee: $85 to $95, Weight: 50lbs, Size: 62″.

Overweight bag:       Fee: +$75, Weight: 50lbs, Size: 63″ to 109″.

What are Frontier Airlines’ size and weight limits?

For Personal items: Your personal items like purses, totes, computer bags, briefcases, diaper bags and kids backpack, etc, but your baggage size is not larger than 14″ tall, 18″ wide and 8″ long. Your personal baggage must fit under a personal item bag sizer.

For Carry-on Baggage: Carry-on Bags can place in the overhead compartment or under your seat like large backpacks, small duffel bags and small suitcases/wheeled bags, etc. Your baggage should no larger than 24″ length, 10″ width and 16″ height. With proper handles, wheels and straps and no heavier than 35 pounds.

Checked Baggage: large duffel bags, large suitcases, and sporting equipment are include in checked baggage but the size of your baggage is not larger than 62 inches and weight is not more than 50 pounds.if your baggage size exceeds size limits than you will pay an additional charge of $75 per baggage. If your baggage weighs more than 100 pounds then it will not be accepted.

What are the Carry-on bag and Personal items?

Carry-on bag:  Your carry-on bag must be fit under your seat or in the overhead bin. And its size will not exceed 24″height,16″Width, and 10″ depth with proper handles wheels and straps. And weight will not heavier than 35 pounds. A carry-on bag like large backpacks, duffel bags, and small suitcases or wheeled bags.

Personal items: Personal items like totes, purses, computer bags, briefcases, small backpacks length of your bag is 14″ weight is 18″ and depth is 8″.

Buy extra bags space and save.

Frontier Airlines give multiple options with frontier airlines booking to purchase to make their passengers’ journey easy and comfortable and the airlines want to fulfill your trip full of joy. It gives you three options to buy extra luggage. Online, Ticket Counter, At the Gate. For online Buy extra space, you must go before 1 hour and 20 minutes. The ticket counter it is a little bit expensive because your bags cost more at the airport. At the gate, it is most expensive than the ticket counter and online.


If you are planning to travel with extra luggage then this blog will help you to how you fix your baggage related problem and how you buy more space for your extra luggage. It will also show you which items are allowed with you and where it will place while you travel with Frontier Airlines Reservations.

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